About ESP

I am the EbonyScatPrincess, I am an African-American or Black female. I run this site on my own..it is constantly being updated , upgraded and approved upon. Sometimes I can go a while with out updating due to a chronic illness I have.  If I have not promoted you in a while..simply contact me, and when I am feeling well I can and will list the clips that you ask to be listed for promotion.

The site started off promoting me and my vids. Shortly after I began promoting myself, I realized there were other black models coming on the scene and decided to promote them to get the word out that there were other girls like me.

Now that I have hundreds of thousands of readers and so many fans, I feel even more compelled to share the news of a new ebony models or a new scat, pee, or fart clip with the boys.. I dont even mind promoting men…

Some facts about me

I am from the U.S.
I speak very proper
I am about 5ft
I am also LadyEbony – selling my used panties worldwide

I am a curvaceous girl
I have big boobs
I am shaved with a nice landing strip (as the boys tell me)
I am not doing shows at this time
I am not doing live sessions at this time
I am in my 30’s
I have been an online fetish model for 10 years
I have been performing live fetish sessions for 15 years
I wear a size 8 1/2 shoe
You can find my clips on Yezzclips
Free Clips can be found on Scatrina and PeeTeeVee
I am a dominatrix
I am never a scat slave or slave period
I try to automate my site and tweets as much as possible


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