Diva Staxxx’s Booty Fudge!! by Ladies Keeping it Funky

Diva Staxxx's Booty Fudge!!


Diva Staxxx’s Booty Fudge!!

Diva Staxxx is back with more ass, gass and splash!!! Enjoy As she Blows it up in nearly 20 minutes of Hot Action!! Seven EXPLOSIVE clips from a nice mix of angles!! Tons of toxic waste coming out that 60 inch ass of hers!! Some really explosive runny clips!! This is def a must have for you lovers of bubbleguts!! She could barely get her pants down before exploding in a few of the clips!! Then you also get to enjoy her hilarious commentary and classic facial expressions as she grunts, strains and struggles on the bowl!! Diva Staxxx is by far my favorite newbie of 2016! Enjoy one her longest clips to date!!!