Q. Why do you promote the girls on the site, instead of yourself.
I promote other models, men or women, because when I started, it was myself and few others doing constant scat videos,shows, pics and such 10 years ago. I retired in in 2011.  And since then so many beautiful girls that are either into the art of scat, or provide scat service as Mistress’. I decided that they needed a place that they can be highlighted so that others know how to find Ebony Scat Models quickly. So I use the term ebony scat princess as a cloak destination for all ebony scat models. I don’t believe in gossiping or bringing other women down. I only wish to get the word out about them.. and with almost half a million readers to my blog..I figured this would be the best way..

Q.Why doesn’t the E.S.P. sell anymore clips
A. Due to the fact that family has taken priority, I can no longer do custom clips, nor do I have the time to do studio clips. So I have stated that I am retired (at least for now..)

Q. Is the Ebony Scat Princess a sub or domme’.
The Ebony Scat Princess is a lifestyle dominatrix.

Q. Does the E.S.P. do any live sessions.
I am not booking any live sessions right at this time. When I do , I will have the information posted. These sessions will not be scat sessions, as I am retired from doing so.

Q. Is the Ebony Scat Princess the girl in the pictures on this site?
A. No I am not the girl in ALL the pictures, however, where you find my name in the title.. ebonyscatprincess , you will see pics of myself.

Q. Can you send me pics of you.
A. I can not, I don’t send pics for free, you will have to buy them from my Clip Store.

F.A.Q.’s for models
Q.Why are my pictures all over this blog.
A.You are seeing your pictures on this blog as result of a Clip Studio that you run. The owners of these sites, encourage promoters to choose the models they want to promote and share their pics from the clip site only.  If you see a pic that is not on the Scat Clip Studio that you run, then please email me at ebony@ebonyscatprincess.com and it can be promptly removed.


Q.Why are you copying the words from my clip studio?
A. Please see previous question and answer.


Q.Why don’t you have my clip store listed on your site? And how can I get it listed?
A. First let me say that we try to keep up with the girls that come and go in this industry but some are missed. If you are one of them we have not discovered yet, please write us and we will send you the info we need to list you on the site

Q.I don’t want my stuff listed here AT All , Please Take it down.
A. Of course, as long you contact me at ebony@ebonyscatprincess.com, In a respectful tone and manner, we can have your pics and text taken down right away .

Q. Are you selling my clips on your site?
A. I am not selling your clips.. I do not buy any models scat clips, they don’t interest me. I have no desire to buy and resell.. none at all.. all you will find here is links your clip store.


Q. The links to my clip store are wrong. Can you fix that?
A. Of course I can. Email me and I will be more than happy to correct the links to your studio, site, or twitter.

Q. Why don’t you have my site listed.
A. At this time, we only list your twitter or FB page or the like. We are not authorized to list personal websites. However we will promote them on twitter. Contact Me, and we can work out your details and get started on that.

Q. Do you charge to tweet models info
A. At this time I do not charge for this service this year in 2015. Most Promotion is free if done casually at the time I set for it to be posted. If you would like custom posts.. then please Contact Me. And we can work out a small price package. Which starts out pretty affordable at $5.