Ms D’s Turds with Friends!! by: Ladies Keeping it Funky

gifanime (57)


You heard of Words with Friends? Well in this clip enjoy as Ms D Brings you Turds with friends!! Enjoy as she gets a little company in this Ploptastic release!! in the first clip enjoy as she takes a nice funky dump about halfway into it enjoy as another woman comes and uses the adjacent stall and takes an equally loud funky shit!! I though it was Ms D pooping at first the way her neighbor was sounding!! They must’ve had the same Chicken Salad!! In the second enjoy as Ms D once again takes another loud farty, gassy shit. A coworker comes in and pees loudly that Ms D recognizes and Ms D slides her the security key to get back in the office once she’s done. After hearing a quick fart she replies to Ms D “Are you poopin’?” Ms D lets her ass do the talking instead and replies with two even louder farts!! Three great clips of gruntin, plopping and strainin!! Best Part is she wasn’t alone!! This is a clip you gotta not only see to believe you gotta hear it too!!