Video Combo Vol.5: Spread & Spank, Poop Nuggets, Ben Wa Poop Balls by: Curvy Nicole

Spread n Spank


Spread & Spank – 5:27s
Laying in bed grabbing, spreading, and spanking my ass wishing someone was sniffing and licking my stinking hole. Slowly pushing a huge turd out of my ass watching it break in two and piss drip down my thigh was a huge turn on. I was able to release more of it on my side but I had to turn over to push out the rest along with more piss dripping out of my pussy.

Poop Nuggets – 2:11s
Omg this is the poop best I have ever recorded. Holding it in for a hour so I could film it felt so amazing. At first it seemed like it was going to be the usual short thick load, but I was surprised and so aroused at how much there was…as it can out my tight ass it broke off with each push on its on. Not only did it break off but most fell apart into little nugget sizes turning me on more.

Ben Wa Poop Balls – 11:34s
I finally had a chance to do a video with my new Ben Wa Balls! I slowly put them in my tight ass one by one barely getting them to fit. I rode my fav dildo for a little bit showing a little bit of silver peeking at you through my ass. After a mini shower using my Hitachi I pushed out 7 silver balls, a couple brown lumps, and a big brown lumpy ball with a silver ball stuck in it.

Ebony Ass & Enema – 7:32s
Boy do my ass look tasty or what? Shaking and spreading my ass then teasing my tight asshole with the enema noozle back…forth…mmm…side to side. I was trying to hold the enema as long as possible using my Hitachi to force my muscles to contract too. I barely got into position before releasing the enema, piss, and cream while using my Hitachi again.